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This has been one of the best-known and most-loved Artiach brands since it was launched more than 90 years ago. They are still made with the traditional recipe created by Artiach's first master bakers. That's why they are a favourite with those families who are looking for that eternal quality and flavour.

Chiquilín Original

Authentic and inimitable thanks to a unique recipe based on cereals, egg and honey. Their unique taste makes them a favourite in many homes.

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Enjoy the characteristic texture and flavour of Chiquilín with a creamy natural or flavoured yogurt. You can create dessert pots with a biscuit base and serve them chilled for dessert.

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Chiquilín Milenarios

The new Chiquilín Milenarios are made with 100% wholemeal rye and spelt flour and enriched with quinoa, chia and flax seeds. A real treat that packs your breakfasts with nutrients.

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Surprise everyone with this delicious Pudding. First, soak two spoonfuls of chia with your favourite soy, oat or rice milk and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Then combine it with your favourite jam as a base, a Chiquilín Ancient Grains biscuit and a teaspoon of lemon honey.

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Chiquilín Energy

Practical and delicious bars with chocolate chips and different types of grains (wheat, oats, rye and rice). Perfect to bring along on all your adventures.

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Try Chiquilín Energy bars with creamy vanilla or chocolate custard... an unexpectedly delicious combination!

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Chiquilín Energy Cereals

Your classic Chiquilín Energy bars now made bite size to eat with milk for breakfast.

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A bowl of positive energy for breakfast is the best way to start a big day!

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Chiquilín Energy Soft Cakes

Delicious, super soft little chocolate-chip biscuits. Chiquilín's unmistakable taste made more smoother and spongier than ever. Packaged in small bags of energy so you can always carry them with you.

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Chiquilín Mini Bears Honey

Fun mini biscuits in the shape of teddy bears with honey, ideal for the little ones to enjoy by the spoonful at breakfast.

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Turn your breakfast bowl into a party of fun colours and flavours: Add chopped fruit to your teddy bears and a spoonful of honey if you have a sweet tooth. They'll never get bored with Little Bears!

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Chiquilín Mini Bears Choco

Fun mini chocolate biscuits in the shape of teddy bears, ideal for the little ones to enjoy by the spoonful for breakfast.

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Over a creamy white “canvas”, add dabs of red, green, and yellow: currants, kiwi and apricots. Your Little Bears will love this colourful party.

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Chiquilín 2 Chocolates

The unmistakable taste and texture of original Chiquilín biscuits now with a crunchy double layer of white and milk chocolate. The perfect combination.

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Soak them for a moment in your coffee and discover the unique flavour of the two types of chocolate as they melt together.

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Chiquilín 0% Sugar

Chiquilín 0% biscuits are just as delicious as the originals, but with no added sugar. Perfect for those who want to reduce sugar consumption without giving up on flavour.

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Make your breakfast great while taking great care of yourself with Chiquilín 0% added sugar. A unique recipe made from cereals, 100% sunflower oil and fibre. Perfect for a sugar-free breakfast!

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