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Dinosaurus es una de las marcas de galletas preferidas por los niños por su sabor y por las divertidas aventuras jurásicas que imaginan mientras las devoran.

Ricas en cereales y con 7 vitaminas, están envasadas en cómodas bolsitas para llevar, porque ya se sabe que a veces es difícil que las fieras se sienten en la mesa a desayunar con la vorágine de las mañanas…


Dinosaurus Original

Unmistakable in their shape and taste. Cereal biscuits enriched with 7 types of vitamins. In convenient individual bags, ideal for breakfasts and snacks. Children love to discover all the different dinosaur species!

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For children, everything is play. Dinosaurus take them on a Jurassic adventure exploring unchartered territory. Tell them there was a time when Dinosaurs ruled the earth and left their giant footprints around the globe... Why not embark on an archaeological exploration over breakfast?

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Dinosaurus Milk Chocolate

How about a dip in chocolate? Fun cereal biscuits with a delicious coating of real milk chocolate.

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These dinosaurs have crossed a huge milk chocolate river to get to your home. Open up the individual bags and invite them to take a refreshing dip in your milk...

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Dinosaurus White Chocolate

Your favourite Dinos dressed in white... Dinosaurus with a coating of real white chocolate.

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These Dinosaurus have had a delicious bath in white chocolate. Fun to play with and delicious!

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Dinosaurus Eggs

Tasty egg-shaped biscuits with chocolate chips perfect for sharing and snacking on the go.

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Make a fun nest with strips of paper or wool and lay the little Dinosaurus eggs on top. Then hide it in the house or garden. Your little ones and their friends will have a great time on an egg hunt while imagining the prehistoric adventures of their favourite dinosaurs.

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Dinosaurus Cereals

Fun bite-size Dinosaurus who love to swim in your breakfast bowl. Devour them by the spoonful!

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You can eat these little Dinosaurs as biscuits, but they're even better in a big bowl of milk. Grab your spoon, make a fun "swimming pool" for your Dinosaurus and add any ingredients you like: nuts, chocolate chips, fruit...

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Dinosaurus Cocoa Cereals

Mini-biscuits in the shape of dinosaurs, rich in cereals and with a delicious hint of cocoa. Your breakfast bowl will be more fun than never.

Cookie of Dinosaurus Cocoa Cereals Pack of Dinosaurus Cocoa Cereals

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The smallest Dinosaurus on earth are made of biscuits and you can eat them by the spoonful like cereal. If you're a fan of cocao, this version of Dinosaurus is perfect for you. Enjoy a bowl with your favourite hot or cold drink.

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