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Filipinos will surprise you with their perfect combination of real chocolate and crunchy biscuit. They are fun and perfect for sharing. Enjoy them however and wherever you like!

Filipinos White chocolate

An irresistible combination of delicious white chocolate and crunchy biscuit. White chocolate fans, these are for you!

Cookie of Filipinos White chocolate Pack of Filipinos White chocolate

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Biscuits covered with delicious white chocolate and ideal for sharing. The perfect choice for a picnic or impromptu get-together.

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Filipinos Dark chocolate

Authentic dark chocolate on a crunchy biscuit for good round fun. If you're a chocolate lover, there's no better biscuit for you.

Cookie of Filipinos Dark chocolate Pack of Filipinos Dark chocolate

Momento de consumo

Their authentic dark chocolate is perfect for enjoying those special moments: dinners with friends, a movie night at home or an evening on the terrace.

Consumption moment of Filipinos Dark chocolate

Filipinos Milk chocolate

Crunchy biscuit covered in delicious milk chocolate.

Cookie of Filipinos Milk chocolate Pack of Filipinos Milk chocolate

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Enjoy the best company at any time of day: with delicious Milk Chocolate Filipinos, perfect for sharing... or not!

Consumption moment of Filipinos Milk chocolate

Filipinos Salted Caramel

The crunchiest biscuit dipped in irresistible white chocolate, with a delicious touch of salted caramel

Cookie of Filipinos Salted Caramel Pack of Filipinos Salted Caramel

Filipinos Berries

The perfect combination between a delicious crunchy berries-flavoured biscuit and real white chocolate.

Cookie of Filipinos Berries Pack of Filipinos Berries

Filipinos Speculoos

Crunchy caramelised biscuit with real milk chocolate.

Cookie of Filipinos Speculoos Pack of Filipinos Speculoos

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