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Marbú is a true classic among María-type biscuits. Their flavour, texture and quality make them unique and unbeatable. They are ideal for dunking, spreading and combining. Can you think of a better way to start the day?

Marbú Dorada Original

The authentic Marietta biscuit with an unmistakable golden baked flavour. Perfect for dunking, spreading and mixing, they stay crunchy even when dipped in milk.

Cookie of Marbú Dorada Original Pack of Marbú Dorada Original

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Prepare a large glass of warm milk. Add cocoa or coffee if you want. Then dip in a Marbú Dorada and discover its secret: No other biscuit remains so crunchy after dipping. Unique and inimitable. Repeat as many times as you like... The taste and texture will never change.

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Marbú Dorada 0%

With no added sugar, Marbú Dorada 0% are a delicious choice for a classic breakfast. Perfect for those who want to reduce sugar consumption without giving up on flavour.

Cookie of Marbú Dorada 0% Pack of Marbú Dorada 0%

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Enjoy the sugar-free flavour and crunchy texture of authentic Marbú Doradas in a large bowl of yogurt or with milk and fruit. A delicious combination with no added sugar.

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Marbú Centeno

Delicious biscuits made with 100% wholemeal rye flour and sweetened only with brown sugar.

Cookie of Marbú Centeno Pack of Marbú Centeno

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The Marbú Centeno recipe combines perfectly with all toppings. Go on, give them a try with cream cheese and avocado decorated with sesame or pumpkin seeds. Simple, healthy and delicious. And remember, these biscuits are made with 100% rye flour.

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Mini Marbú

The classic Marbú biscuit recipe now in mini size to enjoy by the spoonful at breakfast.

Cookie of Mini Marbú Pack of Mini Marbú

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The perfect ingredient to create a big bowl of flavours and textures. Add seasonal fruit, berries, chia seeds or nuts. With yogurt or milk, you'll love the crunchy taste and texture of the Marbú Dorada mini biscuits.

Consumption moment of Mini Marbú

Marbú Digestive 0%

Tasty and rich in fibre, Digestive 0% added sugar offers you an alternative way to enjoy these biscuits without missing out on the flavour you love so much.

Cookie of Marbú Digestive 0% Pack of Marbú Digestive 0%

Momento de consumo

Enjoy a moment of pleasure while taking care of yourself with Marbú Digestive 0% added sugar. Made with 100% sunflower oil and a great source of fibre. Combine them with a touch of sugar-free jam for a uniquely enjoyable moment.

Consumption moment of Marbú Digestive 0%


Biscuits made with 100% wholemeal spelt flour and delicious chocolate chips that make them irresistible.

Cookie of Spelt Pack of Spelt

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Have breakfast in a different, healthy and pleasant way with Marbú Espelta: biscuits that combine health and pleasure.

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